Are you ready to Reclaim your Wholeness?

Goddess Energy has called me for years and when I came across HeatherAsh Amara’s Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training a five years ago, I knew deep down within the soul of my being this was the path I was meant to share with you.

If the Warrior Goddess Sisterhood Circle does not give you the personal attention that you need or do not work with your schedule, you can work with me one on one.

I’ve been creating circles of empowered women for over twelve years.   Warrior Goddess Training completes my toolkit, and I use the teachings to guide women in reclaiming their wholeness.

One on one sessions to guide you in using WG tools and the Companion Workbook
Interactive movement to guide you deeper into healing
Dive deeper with a more individualized and embodied approach to using the WG teachings
Create a personal plan that involves healthy lifestyle choices to support the inner work and more!​


​I am grateful to have studied with HeatherAsh Amara,  to call her my mentor and teacher. Warrior Goddess Training helped me to step out of the box I’d created to keep myself “safe” in for so many year. 

In order to step out of that box, I had to let go of how I thought I was supposed to be!

Although I had been teaching and practicing energy healing for over 12 years, I was still “hiding” behind a mask.  Now I’ve stepped fully into ME…I take more risks; I recognize that making mistakes is a normal part of learning; I embrace vulnerability, and do things that used to scare me.  In short, I started becoming the leader/teacher/mentor/goddess that I was born to be. 

I’m still evolving, we all are, and these incredible teachings shift and grow with me. 

​Warrior Goddess Training provides the inspiration and practical tools to come back home to ourselves, and I’m so excited to share it with other women.

I trained with HeatherAsh to become a Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator to do just that. Are you ready to change your life and become the woman that you were meant to be? Join me and the growing tribe of Warrior Goddesses now!




From the book Warrior Goddess Training by Heather Ash Amara:



















Warrior energy is our power: focus, dedication, purpose, determination. When we harness our warrior energy we are confident, clear, and bring 100 percent of ourselves to each action.

Goddess energy is our creative flow: unconditional love, pleasure, passion, wisdom. When we claim our goddess energy we live in joyful self-acceptance, self-respect, and listen to our innermost knowing.