Akashic Record Soul Journey Readings

An Akashic Records Reading is an opportunity to learn about your soul’s journey from past lives, this life and potential future lives. Learn what connects your past, current and future lives, your gifts, talents and abilities, as well as the patterns, beliefs, and misalignments that may be holding you back.


What if you finally understood why certain situations seem to keep showing up for you? You can start moving forward instead of running in place.


This session introduces you to the Akashic records in great depth and helps you to see yourself from your Soul’s perspective on your Spiritual Journey.  PLEASE INCLUDE:  

Your name in Full at Birth ***

Your current name in Full (if married) ***

Your date of Birth ***

Time of Birth ***

Place of Birth ***

Your energy centre of training (this is a soul training that shows in your Akashic Record. It governs your soul drives and what you bring to others in this lifetime – for example, if you are trained in the energy centre corresponding to the heart chakra, you are likely to have a drive to heal others.)


This reading includes inquiry into your past life that currently affects your current life.

Whether you are soul searching, would like to learn about your karma, or in need of guidance in your life direction, an Akashic Records Reading can provide insight into your soul’s journey and may provide information that’s relevant to your current life.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, their present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Akashic Records contain our collective wisdom. Think of your Akashic record as your unpublished autobiography from this and all your past lives. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field. The Sanskrit word Akasha means ‘sky’, ‘space’, ‘luminous’ or ‘ether’; an etymology that encompasses the all-knowing aspect of the Akashic records.

Infinite possibilities are available to you.

You can access your Akashic Records to discover more about your past, present and future, to change your life for the better.

If you’ve been drawn to the Akashic records, you have an intuitive awareness that there’s more to your soul’s journey than what you can see with your physical eyes.

When you access the Akashic Records, you’re going to have many revelations. Insights into intuitions that you’ve denied, usually to protect yourself from what threatens your security, will now rise to your consciousness.

You can change the course of your life. Yes, even your past lives.

It’s important to remember to have compassion with yourself as you wake up to the truths you’ve been keeping from yourself, or others have been keeping from you.  You’re going to ask yourself,


It’s inevitable. Once you move through a karmic pattern, it seems so obvious what would have been easier for you. Yet when you’re IN a karmic pattern, one that you’ve repeated lifetime after lifetime, it’s not so easy to recognize, until you move through it.