I look forward to seeing you on for our Winter Equinox Cocao Heart Centered Gathering on Sunday, December 18th from 2pm - 4pm to welcome in the Direction of North, deep rest and the Earth realm with a cup of warm Cacao in hand!

We're gathering at the beautiful location at:


5560 45 St Unit E8, Red Deer, AB T4N 1L1

2PM - 4PM Mountain Time 

COME Sister, take your seat in Sacred Circle and welcome the Directions, Elements with Invocation and a Self-Love Smudge to support clearing energies you may be bringing in with you to release prior to beginning, sit in sacred circle, invite in the medicine of cocao through song, intention, and will be doing slow lovely body movement to open up your Root Chakra. Without opening up the Root Chakra and connecting to our Momma Gaia, we are unable to fully open our heart.

We will be meditating and releasing with a beautiful Earth Adoration+Body Presence Meditation with the cocao plant medicines, enjoy a beautiful sound healing and short individual drum wash cleansing and sweep at the end for all who join in

*** Coaco Supplied*** We'll be working with Ceremonial Cocao infused with Rose. It will be prepared in a manner of reverence and respect as always with a more palatable mix for those gathering.

(I personally mix mine with water only but most prefer an almond mil as cocao does have a bitter taste, which will be our base for this gathering)

***Please note: as I am offering this in the evening please be aware that cocao may be stimulating. We use cocao as plant medicine and ally for our heart center ***PLEASE READ BELOW****



Wear comfortable clothing due to the gentle body movement please

Cynthia has been working with Cocao for years, but fully coming into the healing aspects of this amazing plant medicine for herself the last few years

Cynthia is also a 17 year Reiki Teacher, Small Group Coach, Restorative Yoga Teacher and loves supporting others to move into their hearts through ceremony and rituals

While Cacao is safe for most people, please read carefully to make sure it's right for you, particularly if you have a heart condition or take anti-depressants.


• Note that you can get great benefit from participating in our Cacao ceremony EVEN IF YOU DON’T TAKE THE CACAO. You will be led through a wonderful meditative journey, and you will FEEL the energies being stimulated. Mama Cacao can still reach out to your heart and awareness to facilitate the opening. This is a well-known phenomenon.

• When you do Cacao ceremony, don’t plan on doing anything else for the rest of the day or evening. Cacao inspires restfulness, and its wonderful opening of the heart and mind can last for hours after the ceremony. It’s best to respect the medicine and your body/mind/spirit by taking the day and evening completely off from plans and tasks.

Allow it to be a day of communing with the Spirit world. Much in the way of inspiration and healing can come to you.

• Cacao is safe for most people. Your agreeing to join us for the cacao ceremony indicates that you are taking full responsibility for your self-care and health in this regard, and that you will not hold Seven Sisters Mystery School or its staff legally liable in any way. The information below is intended to help you further, and we will guide you during the ceremony in listening to your body for maximum well-being.

• If you take MAOI-based anti-depressants, PLEASE READ: Most people taking MAOI-based anti-depressants do fine starting with a half or quarter ounce (7 or 14.5 grams). You can prepare a cup with a full ounce, but sip a quarter or half of the cup initially, and then slowly work up to more if you’re feeling OK with that, until you reach the full ounce. If your body says “enough” at half or quarter cup, you can save the rest for another time).

Again, you are responsible for your own care, so listen to what your intuition and body are telling you. When in doubt, consult your prescribing physician.

• A chocolate shaman says in regards to a stronger ceremonial Cacao : People with a heart condition, where a 20% increase in heart rate would be a medical emergency, should not drink strong ceremonial Cacao, or take very little while they monitor its effect on their heart rate.

However, it does lower blood pressure (Cacao is a vasodilator), if your pressure is high. We will be using a gentle Cacao may be your best bet in this case, and if you have any heart condition you may want to take a smaller amount – or none at all.

• If you have any of the above issues or other health questions or concerns, please consult your physician well in advance of our ceremony.


For thousands of years ancient tribes have considered cacao as a sacred plant with healing properties. Not only was cacao used in ceremonial settings but it was also renowned as a medicinal plant that aids in the healing of and opening up of the heart's circulation. Because of it's heart opening qualities cacao is a perfect pairing with meditation, yoga, dancing, and therapeutic work such as reiki. It facilitates greater connection to other people and to yourself. It's sure to add a certain sacredness to your personal practice and a buzz to your social gatherings. 

Ceremonial cacao is not the same as regular chocolate. It wasn’t until Europeans came across it and brought it home that sweetener was added and what we now know of as chocolate was created. Today, chocolate is usually laden with extra ingredients such as sugar, milk and preservatives and people often see it as either a guilty pleasure or junk food. Chocolate still gives us that feel good effect but the medicinal properties are close to none because so much of the good stuff (aka the fat) is stripped away.