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Acceptance of the Whole Self

One of the books I hold near and dear is Earth Medicine by Jamie Sams - The Ancestors' Way for Many Moons....this is a poem from this book.

Jamie Sams
Earth Medicine


The balance and acceptance

O fall parts of the whole,

Come when we can honor

The lessons in every role.

The shadow reflects the lessons

Of every denial we hold.

The mind can thwart or assist,

Choosing to encourage or scold.

The body reacts to all thoughts,

Whether they hinder or aid;

Freewill determines the outcome,

As we choose to love or degrade.

The spirit watches in silence,

Nurturing the eternal flame,

Counting the losses and victories,

Of the "Will Versus Shadow Game."

The playing field of Mother Earth,

With the worlds of spirit unseen,

Affords a multitude of choices,

Lessons for every human being.

Wholeness to each is different,

Finding balance without denying,

That peace come from acceptance,

From truth instead of from lying.

I am enternally grateful for these beautiful words that resonate within my Shadow Work, my Reiki and Warrior Goddess Teachings. Deeply grateful. Cynthia

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