How to Raise your Vibration

Negativity can really only affect us when we're on the same frequency!!!⁠

Vibrate Higher, Goddesses!⁠

Some Ideas to Raise the Vibe⁠

  • Cultivate a regular meditation practice⁠

  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables⁠

  • Practice gratitude⁠

  • Become conscious of your thoughts and beliefs⁠

  • Perform random acts of kindness⁠

  • Volunteer for a good cause⁠

  • Listen to music⁠

  • Exercise⁠

  • Drink water⁠

  • Reduce or cut out alcohol and drugs⁠

  • Beautify your environment⁠

  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive friends and family⁠

  • Reduce time on the computer and other devices⁠

  • Practice compassion and forgiveness⁠

  • Spend time in nature⁠

  • Express yourself creatively⁠

  • Journal for self-reflection⁠

Give yourself the time and space to experiment with these activities to see what works for you and fits into your lifestyle. ⁠

After a few weeks, I’d love to hear from you about your experience. Please use hashtag #highvibegoddess on IG at

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