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Leo Full Moon

We are in some big energy with the first full moon of 2021. The full moon is in the sign of Leo, with the sun in the opposite sign of Aquarius. We are headed toward having six planets (seven including the asteroid Pallas) in the sign of Aquarius by the next new moon in February, which hasn’t happened since 1962!

This Leo Full Moon can offer us some illumination when it comes to the desires and dreams of our heart. Leo is asking us to be present with what is coming to us and where we are wanting to go. This is a powerful time to work on the details of ideas and put in the effort where we want to see results. Be aware where energy is flowing, as where we put our roots can wind up draining us if it is not in alignment with our deepest truth.

This brings an emphasis on big change, revolution, and thinking outside the box of what is possible. It’s an energy that has been building over the past month and will only continue to intensify as we move into February.

The sign of Leo is associated with the heart. With so much shifting and changing it’s the perfect reminder to pause and connect to the heart—the place that brings us to the infinite source of love within.

We also have Mercury preparing to station retrograde two days after the full moon, emphasizing this message of going within and listening to the wisdom that lives not in the head, but in the heart.

Lots happening with Lady Luna and astrology.

Take good care of YOU. Rest, hydrate, epsom salt baths. It's ok not to be ok. Honestly. We all have days and times of struggle. Reach out to talk to someone if/when you need.

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