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Scorpio New Moon


I free myself from critical thoughts towards my body and my worth.

We are all perfect and flawed all at once. To deny this is to deny the experience of being fully alive. Although we all share this truth, we tend to be hardest on ourselves and may have developed a fierce inner critic. This voice has POWER; do not banish it. Instead teach this voice to be more uplifting and supportive. Notice when negative thoughts sneak in and choose to think differently. As you free yourself from unhealthy thought patterns, tune into what your real needs are. Like any devoted practice, the retraining of your mental habits craves consistency – continue showing up for yourself with kindness and compassion. Your inner critic is ready to transform into a more loving and productive voice in your life.

RITUAL: Kali Mudra

This mudra directs energy from the root up to the crown, conducting it like a live antenna. Kali is the goddess of Transformation and shows up when it’s time to transform into a more honest version of oneself.

- Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart and parallel. Ground firmly and evenly into your heels and legs, feeling the earth beneath you.

- Extend your arms straight up and interlace your fingers into a fist above your head. Reach just your pointer fingers upward, keeping your other fingers laced together and elbows straight.

- Hold this posture steady for approx. 3 minute and deepen your breath, soften your jaw. Feel yourself ground and expand; clear anything that clouds your connection.

- Repeat the mantra “I free myself from critical thoughts toward my body and my worth”, three times and you hold this position.

- Then slowly release and float arms downward, bask in the resonance.

(Source: The Moon Deck)

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