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Shadow Season is comming....are you Ready???

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We've had a pretty rough start to summer here in Alberta haven't we???  AGAIN.  I'm sure I said this last year at this time too. All this rain and cooler weather is really going to make a long dark season ahead, I know I know.  Although our Earth Mother is loving all the moisture I bet you've had enough.  I know I have.  I'm ready to get out for some camping and beach time very very soon.  Fingers crossed for us all. I hope you are all doing well amidst the chaos of what's happening in our society! And I still can't figure out how to attach a video, lol.....please stop over to my YouTube here for your personal invite: Are you ready....Shadow Season is coming..... And it all starts with Lammas is usually celebrated on August 1, honoring the first harvest of the season. Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-NAS-ah). In some Wiccan and Pagan traditions, Lammas is also a day of honoring Lugh, the Celtic god of craftmanship, grain, the Sun, and late summer storms. Lughnasadh is still celebrated in many parts of the world today.  At this time of year, the nights are beginning to lengthen and we anticipate the return of fall. (Already!!!) This is truly the beginning of shadow season. Before the Wheel turns to the darker months, we can take time to appreciate warmth and sunlight and how they support the season of growth. Gratitude in times of plenty is a powerful practice. What we reap now wasn’t always full-grown. By celebrating Lammas as a harvest holiday, we honor our ancestors and the hard work they had to do in order to survive and secure our lineage.

Shadow Work is the process of getting to know and integrating the parts of us we disowned during childhood.

What we repress grows stronger over time.

Without shadow work, the disowned parts of us express themselves through our unconscious behavior. 

That is, we behave in ways different than we consciously think:

  • Subtle cues,

  • Facial expressions,

  • Body language, and

  • Attitudes that we’re not aware of.

And as a consequence, those who don’t know their shadows inherently harm those around them because they’re unaware of the unconscious forces at work in their shadow.

Shadow work can put an end to neurotic and compulsive behavior. It can help us become okay with ourselves.

When you consider all of the compulsive drivers within us: addictive tendencies, obsession with competition and comparing ourselves to others, trying to fit in and be liked, trying to be successful, even trying to better ourselves.

So many of these behaviors are run by unconscious forces—the result of not knowing our shadows.

And so as you integrate your shadow, it can unlock a storehouse of creative energy that’s currently going toward repressing all the aspects of your shadow.

Shadow work is essential for mature adulthood. Without it, we can’t access our authentic self.

By integrating your shadow, you will become a more authentic human being.

Basically, shadow work helps you become a “real person”—not the persona or social mask that your parents, friends, and society wanted you to wear.

Shadow work can help ….

  • Improve your relationships

  • Give you a clearer perception of reality

  • Enhance your physical & mental energy

  • Unlock greater creativity

  • Support psychological development

Many people tend to think of the shadow as a “negative” thing, after all, it’s often called our “dark side.”

But keep in mind that the shadow isn’t all “dark” stuff. It’s not “dark” as much as it is “unknown” to you consciously.

It’s true that many aspects of the shadow can be perceived as “negative.” From the standpoint of society, the expression of rage, for example, is generally unacceptable. But what about when rage is the appropriate reaction?  As we become conscious of subtle forms of teasing, bullying, putting down, and manipulation that’s taking place every day, rage just might be the only appropriate response.

And accessing this rage in a constructive way can unlock a great surge of power stored within us.  Plus, the shadow can hold many positive attributes too.  

I invite you to come explore with us in our 2019 - 2020 Warrior Goddess Sisterhood Circle, a 9 Month Journey into our shadow and more.

Here's what some of our Warrior Goddess Sisterhood Circle from 2019 - 2020 have to say about this deep dive into self-heallng!


This experience has had a huge impact on my life. It has made me dig deep within to discover my strengths as well as exposing the shadows that have held me back for many years. This course is a life long journey and I am so excited to keep finding my inner Goddess and be the powerful woman I am meant to be!

​I learned how to love me. It wasn't always easy, but through the harsh truths, for the first time in my life, I felt truly supported.

​My biggest transformation I have noticed is feeling confident when standing my ground and setting boundaries. I have always felt like a doormat to people and a ‘yes’ person who puts everyone else first, high has lead me to burning out and loosing my confidence. I have worked hard at understanding that ‘no’ is a complete sentence.

It hasn’t been easy, but setting boundaries has become a huge part of my everyday life. With setting boundaries I have gained my confidence back and knowing the only person I need to fully give my all to is myself.

​I discovered so much beauty, burried under all the lies I had been told my whole life, some of the lies were even told by me.

​I loved so much about this experience. The women that were on this journey were amazing! The support from one another and sharing the highs and the lows has been so rewarding. The support from Cynthia has been above and beyond. She is there to help you through everything and will go out of her way if you are needing guidance through this journey and even after.

I loved being on an individual journey of self discovery. For myself but not for a minute was I by myself!!!

​My relationship with myself has led me to accept & love myself wholeheartedly. That I am a strong and powerful women and to continue finding my inner Goddess and all her beauty.

I see my strength, I see my own worth and it is amazing.

​My relationship with others has changed hugely. I have set some big boundaries with others and it has shown me that if someone doesn’t accept it that it’s ok to move forward without them on my journey. I have also learned that I am the only one who needs to accept me. I have always tried to please others to have their approval but that has lead to a lot of hurt in my life. I have accepted that it is ok if someone doesn’t like me and that I don’t need to put effort into that relationship.

I have more trust in myself and my own abilities. I don't have to accept abuse from others just so they will stay around. I know I can do things myself.

​The other women on this journey is what I enjoyed the most. Watching all of us grow and share our experiences has been the most rewarding. To know that when we meet that it is a safe community and we are there to support and love each other.

I enjoyed knowing I'm not alone. No matter what was happening, what I discovered about me, I was fully supported! Thank you Thank you Thank you 

In the upcoming 2020-2021 Sisterhood Circle, we're diving deep into healing with THE DARK GODDESS!!! The Dark Goddess helps us release our deepest traumas, deepest fears and most unconscious blocks and patterns from this life, past lives, ancestral lines, and absorbed collective energies. She is a fierce champion of our souls and will stop at nothing to remove any obstacles holding us back from our deepest truths and highest potentials! Radical liberation, fierce grace and profound transformation are the gifts the Dark Goddess bestows upon us. When we step into the energy and the practices of the Dark Goddess, as we do in this workshop, we take a journey into the deeper, more hidden realms of Self. These realms are powerful access points for true reclamation of self.  The Dark Goddess liberates, transforms and loves with such ferocity that even our deepest, darkest energies and longest standing patterned ways of being don't stand a chance.  There is nowhere within our being, our psyche or our energetic system that She can't access.  There is no trauma, no wound, no ancestral patterning and no karmic imprint she can't release or alchemically transform. She is Shadow Worker, Fierce Liberator, Radical Transformer and she will stop at nothing in order to gift you your everything! This online workshop is a fiercely transformative yet love-filled way to explore the Dark Goddess in a very safe and very sacred way. You'll Especially Love This VIRTUAL Workshop If You Feel Called To:

  • Start or continue your own shadow work

  • Find your voice and speak your truths

  • Stand in your power

  • Create healthier boundaries with others

  • Open to the fierce, radical, transformative love that is unique to the Dark Goddess

  • Release dormant, stored or blocked energy

  • Unlock deep primal wisdom and raw life force energy contained within the body

  • Uncover deeper truths within that will further you on the path to ‘know thyself’

  • Meet and embrace aspects of your shadow to remove the unwanted and reclaim what has been missing

  • Bring healing and light to the most shame-filled, denied or hidden aspects of woman

  • Clear, heal and bring light to the lower chakras, allowing more of your divine expression and true nature to come through

  • Step into radical acceptance of self; including the reclamation of lost, hidden or buried aspects of self

Know you're ready to say hell ya, I'm in? Then click here to take you to the registration page.

If you're being called but not sure if this is the right path of higher healing for you?  You can read what the Sisterhood is all about, or please give me a call at 403-391-4117 to see if it's a good fit or not.


Come explore the Dark Moon Mysteries, no registration required, just hop onto myFB Page hereon Monday, July 20th at 6:30pm MDT. Mark you calendars - we'll be doing a Shamanic Upper World Journey - I look forward to seeing you then! xo

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