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The Elements of Change

AIR ELEMENT ~ Represents. your mental body. The action of Air is to see clearly.

This first element of change focuses on the art of clear perception. The journey to center is greatly sped up by a compassionate and supportive mind.

Since you have probably spent much time in fear-based or judgmental thinking, the mind is probably one of the most difficult aspects of self to change.

With patience and practise and a conscious shift in attitude, you can move from the heaviness of a fearful, disruptive mind to the lightness of a clear, supportive mind.

(Source: The Toletc Path of Transformation; Embracing the Four Elements of Change by Heather Ash Amara @

I absoultely LOVE HeatherAshs' Warrior Goddess Teacher Training - 5 years ago I jumped in whole heartedly into my Level 1 Facilitator Training and am in the process of my Warrior Goddess Leadership, which will eventually lead me to share most of HeatherAsh's trainings with you all as well. The work is deep. The work is transformational.

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