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Warming the Heart

The practice of intentionally warming my heart center came to me at a time when I felt a desire to consciously open my heart to receive more love. I find it such a powerful way to nurture my whole being by sitting with the emotions, sensations and sounds that I carry in my heart. May this gentle practice soothe you, soften those aching places, and wrap you in the warmth of connection and love.


Fill your hot water bottle or heat up your rice pack or some other type of heat therapy pad. I like the heat source to be covered in a soft fabric for my hands to feel as I hold it in place.

Turn off all devices.

Create a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

If sitting, it is best to have a chair with arms that can support your elbows.

Sit or lie down and take several deep, slow breaths.

Notice any sensations in your body, how your energy is flowing, any loops your mind is running and how you are feeling overall.

Place the heated object on your heart center and continue with the deep, slow breaths. Place your focus in your heart area.

I notice that the heat pulls all of my awareness into my heart and holds my focus there, which quiets my mind.Continue focusing in your heart area for as long as you are drawn, even just 3 – 5 minutes of this practice shifts and softens my body.

I find it is a lovely beginning place for meditation practice or in the evening at bedtime, going to sleep with the warmth at my heart.

Namaste, Cynthia

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