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Weaving the Sacred Divine Feminine into your life daily

1. Listen to and care for your body.

Your body is sacred. It’s the living expression of the sacred feminine and the home of your beautiful spirit. There is deep intelligence in your flesh and bones that can guide you in what you need to be healthy, present, joyful and connected to the patterns and energies of your inner landscape and the outer world.

Eat tasty, healthy food. Exercise. Get enough sleep. Make time for play, pleasure, quiet and repose.

Pay attention and respond when your body speaks. Discomfort, illness, pleasure and ease, these are the ways your body lets you know its needs.

Love and welcome your body’s messages, no matter their form, and let them guide your healing and self-care.

2. Open to the beauty and rhythms of Nature.

Whether you live in a small town, city or the country, every day and each season Mother Nature gifts you with its beauty and bounty. Fresh air, sunshine, moonlight, rainstorms, snow-brushed landscapes, blossoms, green-growing things, birdsongs — these things are food for your body and soul, anchoring your material connection to this Earth, your home.

  • Turn your awareness to what’s happening outside your doorstep in the natural realm.

  • Spend time in your favorite green space.

  • Breathe in the earthy scents.

  • Feel the kiss of the elements on your skin.

  • Look up at the sky.

  • Bear witness to the wild things around you.

  • Heed your responses.

  • What ignites your wonder and joy?

  • What nourishes you?

  • What gives you delight and discomfort?

Practice gratitude. This is a biggie my friends.

Honor the gifts and miracles of Nature by expressing your thanks in words and deeds. The best gift you can give back is to walk lightly on this Earth by bringing more consciousness to your environmental footprint and reducing what you consume.

3. Believe in yourself and the gifts you have to offer.

The sacred feminine is immanent. She is everywhere and in everything. You’re a part of Her living form and manifest beauty, a miraculous spark of creation, just as you are. With your struggles and faults, this may feel like a stretch to you. But even the hard, messy parts of your life are reflections of your beauty and true potential. Where you find your wounding, you also find your beauty; both are part of your journey of healing and personal growth.

  • Seek out your beauty and gifts.

  • Turn your gaze inward to your soul-based desires and dreams.

  • Heed the parts of your outer life that give you joy, satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

  • Ask those closest to you what are you best qualities and skills.

  • These are the markers of your beauty and gifts. Name and own them.

  • Commit yourself to self-love, self-acceptance and compassion. Your life, with its challenges and imperfections, is the vehicle of your evolution in this lifetime. Embrace your beauty and wounding, and let these things guide your pathwork of self-empowerment and wholeness.

4. Bring the very best of your love and goodness to your encounters with others.

Love, from a sacred feminine perspective, is an energetic, magnetic imperative rather than an emotional state; it is the primal desire of life to seek out, create and nurture life. In the face of the widespread negativity in society, both in the greater world and our personal lives, we hunger for goodness, compassion and kindness. These very things reflect the best of your human nature and the primal love at the core of your being.

Realize that love and goodness are always options in your encounters with others. When faced with a negative or challenging situation, or when your judgments and worst instincts arise, stop, breathe deep, and ask yourself: what else is true in this situation? Where are the places that draw out your compassion for the other person? How can you tap into your love and goodness to navigate these tricky interpersonal waters?

Practice simple acts of goodness. Goodness can be a smile, a word of acknowledgement, a gift, a dinner, a helping hand, or any kind act that fits the individual and the moment. Drink in your acts of goodness. Feel their impact on yourself and the other person. Let these encounters mend and expand your heart and your capacity for love.

Go Wherever Your Heart Leads You

The sacred feminine teaches us that all aspects of existence are interdependent and interwoven. On a practical level, this means change in one area of your life will naturally infuse and affect other areas. So start small and simple, and see where it leads you.

Baby steps are always a good idea.

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Jul 08, 2022

They say "Master shows up when student is ready"... I feel a fast growing feeling of affection towards you, Cinthya.

I have been seeking for all my life someone so sincere and finished, complete in so many unique ways. A spiritual being I could entrust my capacities with, my experiences of pain, of life...My persona. I'd love to have your spiritual guidance and teaching in my life...

With the utmost respect, I adore you.

Cynthia Sebry
Cynthia Sebry
Jul 08, 2022
Replying to

Good morning Emme Yes, absolutely the teacher always appears when the time is right If there is anything g I can support you with please let me know NAmaste Cynthia

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