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What exactly is a Crone???

Today, I am declaring my Crone"dom", Witch, High Priestess, lol....even though in reality I was there 10 years ago at 50.

Today I claim my inner wisdom as a Crone.

Even though when I was 40, I was in great "physical" shape, much in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms were not in the same space....yet.

Today, I feel good. Really really good.

I AM in right alignment with all aspect of who I am. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I love where I am. Honestly. I am in right alignment with the cycles of lady luna, nature.

What is a Crone you ask???

Crone – the wise old woman, the healer.

In the Celtic tradition of the three aspect of a woman’s life, or the triple Goddess, we see them as the maiden – the innocent child or youthful woman, the mother – the nurturer and the crone – the wise old woman. In some cultural traditions, women become crones when they reach the age of 50 and in others it’s when she enters menopause.

Today, a woman becomes a crone when she dammed well feels she is.

1. Your bullshit meter goes way up - well in all honesty it's been up for many many years.

Clarity and truth become superpowers and you begin to see through the crap people and society tries to feed you much easier.

Words like “bitchy” may be whispered behind you back but you find that you just don’t care.

In fact, you begin to care less and less what other people think and you may even tell them as much.

Yes indeed. I've been called a bitch many many times, and I don't give a shit. Not my concern any longer what anyone thinks of me.

2. You become selfish

The mother archetype tends to be selfless. She’ll put the needs of the people and things she cares about ahead of her own needs. Her drive is to nurture even at the expense of her own fulfillment. But clarity and truth demands action and so the emerging crone in her may start to stick up for herself a little more.

As you progress towards becoming a crone, instead of being self – less you start to become self – ish.

When you realize that you have fulfilled all the requirements of what society has expected from you; you were the good child, student, girlfriend, lover, wife, mother, employee etc., it is time to ask the most important question that you may ever ask yourself. What is it that I want out of life?

The search begins

This one question opens a Pandora’s box of possibilities and you may find yourself questioning a lot about your life.

What do I really believe in?

What would I like to do with my free time? Do I want to stay in this career, this marriage? Who do I want to be?

I've been blessed to know all the above. My soul searching is complete. I believe in myself. I spend my free time taking care of myself in pilates, stretching, nature hikes, meditation, my self healing with reiki, spending time with those I love. I still love to create with my hands.

~Create new classes, courses and offerings out to my community. Why, because I love what I do and I wish to share my wisdom with you all.

~And. Yes, I am staying with my career, although I am moving into a new direction....somewhat. Deets to come when I figure it all out

~And I have the most amazing hubby who gets me, I have been blessed

~I am who I am. That's who I want to continue to be. Period. Potty mouth and all.

3. Intuition – your real superpower

Woman are intuitive beings. As mothers we are known to have eyes in the back of our heads but as we get older and we have less outer responsibilities to clutter our thoughts, our intuition really begins to ramps up.

We are becoming self-ish and beginning to get to know ourselves once again, maybe even for the first time. We are exploring our likes, our passions and hopefully, we are following our curiosity. We are relying on our gut instincts and using our intuition, our inner voice as our guide.

I find that I have become more introverted and relish quiet time more. I most days prefer my own company and find peace with the thoughts in my head.

I prefer my own counsel over that of others when making decisions because it just feels right. This is my intuition working and the more I use it, the stronger it becomes.

4. True Confidence

When you rely on your own intuition more than the opinions and expectations of others an amazing thing happens. You begin to truly stand in your own power and become the most authentic version of yourself.

This is confidence called Crone Confidence.

This is me expressing my beauty from within. People begin to notice you once again because you shine with a kind of power that attracts others to you.

5. True wisdom

The apprentice has become the master. A crone takes everything that she has learned over her lifetime – all her experiences, her loves, her losses, her triumphs and her failures and synergizes them into her own unique wisdom.

But it is not enough to be intuitive, confident and knowledgeable, the truly wise crone understands that she has a new role in life.

That of the mentor.

For what good is all that knowledge and wisdom if nobody else learns from it.

You see, one does not only become a crone because the maiden and the mother aspects of her life will always be inside of her as well.

To be a crone is to manifest the best aspects of all three.


Love always, Cynthia )o(

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