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What the heck is Spiritual Hygiene and why is it important?

What is Spiritual Hygiene?

Spiritual hygiene refers to the practice of paying attention and maintaining your energetic self. This includes your aura as well as the rest of your astral bodies.Spiritual hygiene is practiced by many people including those who practice Shamanism, Reiki Healing, Buddhism and Wicca. Each person may use different practices, but they are all to achieve one goal; clear your energetic space of unwanted energy.

Spiritual contamination might be the result of not paying attention to one energy fields, thus allowing other energies that are not yours to influence you. This could have a negative effect in all areas of your life including personal relationships or work. Your auric bodies extend around you and can easily interact with the energies of others. Even if you practice spiritual shielding and protection, it’s easy to miss a few days or have a situation where some negativity just seems to stick to you. But you can do something about it.All of us take good care of our physical hygiene by bathing and cleansing our physical bodies daily but how many of us are aware of the fact that our Spiritual Hygiene also needs to be looked into???

What do you do if you feel you are in need of spiritual hygiene? The first step is to not worry. Your energy is very much a part of your body and you have the ability to master it. Even if the energy that is stuck to you is not yours, you have the ability to cleanse yourself, spiritually, and remove the waste.

How to Incorporate Energetic Practices to Achieve Spiritual Hygiene

Our energy is part of our spiritual aspect of ourselves. Using energy practices can help you maintain a healthy aura and energy field , so it does not interfere with your daily health and wellbeing. The following are just some spiritual hygiene practices that can help stay healthy, happy and balanced.

How do we do this??

There are many ways and I'll share a few of my favorites with you!

1. Work with the powerful Archangel Michael... He is known as " One who is like God". You may call upon Archangel Michael anytime for his help in escorting out all negative energies. You just need to call him and ask him to cut all negative chords that may have covered your soul. as these chords will drain you mentally and physically unless they are taken care of.... Archangel Michael will also shield you by covering you in his white, purple and blue lights of protection... It is as simple as that!! Once you start practicing this and realising its benefits .. believe me you will ensure that that you are "Spiritually Cleansed" every day.

2. Smudge – Burning sage, palo santos, rosemary &/or lavender to eliminate unwanted energy is a tried and true classic. It has been used for centuries, if not longer, and many people swear by it. Real estate professionals may use it if a home is not selling and many people use it to “clear” a new space they are moving into.

3. Crystals – The use of crystals has been around for millennia as a way to remove negative energies. Certain crystals have or emit their own energy, but they also absorb the energy around them, which is why they must be cleaned on a regular basis.

The practice of using crystals is as easy as choosing your crystal and placing it in a space near you. You could place a few around your home, at the door to your office, on your work desk, or even wear as a necklace. Some people prefer to gather their crystals and place them around their body during a healing meditation. Quartz crystal is the most used, but others might include the following:

Obsidian, Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite

No matter what you choose, have fun with it. Crystals are a beautiful reminder of the power of Source and the beauty that can be naturally created.

4. Become a Spiritual Ninja- Learn the foundation of spiritual hygiene and other spiritual practices to stay protected, grounded, centered, and connected in my USUI REIKI courses. It is jam packed with meditations, tools, techniques, hacks, and exercises to help you get insanely in touch with yourself on a deeper level. You will meet all your “unseen” forces that are guiding you and connect with yourself in the most natural way possible-through your spirituality. You can find out more information on my upcoming Online Reiki Classes here

5. Epsom Salt Baths – Salt is a mineral that has long been used to absorb and remove negative energy. Salt is often place around a home as protection, however a salt bath can be used to remove negative energy from you, too. Simply take a relaxing bath in saltwater or add Epsom salts to your bath for extra relaxation. Adding an essential oil to your bath can provide even more protection and enjoyment as you bathe in the luxurious scent and silky feel of the Epsom salt and oil mixture.

6. MeditateMeditation is the go-to for most people when it comes to spiritual cleansing and hygiene. If you want to take it up a notch, visualize taking a mental, energetic shower . Simply watch and feel the good energy of the Universe fall all around you and watch as it cleanses away the negative energies from your personal space and auric field.

7. Chant OM – For millennia, monks and other spiritually advanced people have used chanting as a way to balance and cleanse their energy. There is proof that chanting affects physical matter as it can literally create patterns in sand. You can feel the effects of chanting as the soundwaves reverberate throughout your body, but the waves don’t stop there. They begin from deep within and travel to permeate the space around you, clearing and healing your energy and spirit.

To use this practice, sit as if you are going to meditate. Keep your spine straight and aligned and take in a deep breath. As you exhale, chant the sounds, OM. Exhale with the sound until complete then repeat. You can do this for a long as you like, but try to chant at least two minutes. Play around with different ranges, like a higher OM sound or a low, deep sound. Do this until you find the range or tone that feels right to you and enjoy.

8. Move your physical Body - I was a yogi for many years, but the last 3 years, I've been diving deeply into the healing & restorative practises of Pilates with Unicorn Wellness - a 30 minute practise which has brought amazing results for me and my autoimmune body. You can find out more on this amazing practise here:

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