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Rest Renew Restore Yoga Nidra meditations will be resuming SEPTEMBER 11

Also note:  Although I am not "officially offering any Reiki Classes until October, if you are wishing to do a one on one or a small group request please let me know, I'd be happy to discuss with you - email me below

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REST*RENEW*RESTORE* ~ YOGA NIDRA - Your Path to Inner Peace

Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Burned Out? Frazzled Nervous System?

Stress, anxiety and Mental Health is rising worldwide, please come allow your body to REST with our weekly Meditations where I offer up a 45 minute Yoga Nidra followed by a individual aura cleanse for each participant.

Monday evenings at 7:30pm -



Just BREATHE Yoga Studio - 4876 A 46 St #1203, Lacombe, AB | Side entrance


NOTE: I am offering ***ONE KARMA*** space per week for someone who would love to join but is unable to swing the fees.

If this is you please touch base with me as I will be starting up a list and will contact you to discuss. This will also include you helping with some cleanup after the meditation practise in giving back.


Many of us struggle to allow ourselves space and time to truly truly rest and most of us feel uncomfortale doing so!



This is a very gentle reminer that we are doing something when we are in a full rest state!

We store stress in our body, which may make it difficult to fall and stay sleep and feel resfreshed during the day.  Living in 

a chronic state of stress takes a huge toll on our body temple.

You will be taken on a 45 minute guided meditation to facilitate deep release of tension and relaxtion, Improved sleep, digestion, decrease blood pressure, relieves chronic pain.  We always finish with a soft aura cleanse with every meditation

Take this time out to rest, restore and find comfort in the process.  This is a very gentle, mndful practise to allow your nervous system

to calm and reset.  

Bring your own yoga mat, blanket, bolster, & eye-mask or light cloth for meditation.

Love, Cynthia )o(

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