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​Reiki | Reiki Class Testimonials

I thought I would let you know how I’m doing after the vibrational session and I have to say I am feeling great.   Where I notice most of the change is a feeling of peace and calm that I haven’t had in a very long time.   The other area where I’ve noticed some great relief is with the ringing in my ear.  It has subsided to a large extent and that to me is fantastic.  I can hardly wait for a second treatment and would highly recommend this to anyone if for no other reason than to relax and let the sound envelop them.  LJ
WOW-Thank You!!
Those were the only words I could use to describe my first Reiki session with Cynthia. I had heard about Reiki over the years but had never had the opportunity to treat myself to such a luxury. Or at least that is how I thought before. Now, I make time to incorporate it into my crazy busy life. If you are someone with a physically, mentally, and or emotionally demanding life, you need Reiki. I have a combination of services done when I go for a visit with Cynthia. Which is Reiki, massage and detox. I have several old injuries and with the combination of services find I have great relief and it allows me to continue leading a very active lifestyle. As well as maintaining a much better emotional state so I can be better for myself and those around me. I no longer think of it as a luxury, although it feels like it, I consider it a necessity in my life. I love what it does for my body and overall state of mind.
I can’t say enough good things about the awesome services that Essential Energy has to offer.
Sincerely TD 


It’s hard for me to say how I felt during my Reiki session. I do know that I felt safe, warm, comfortable, and completely in trust with Cynthia. I was able to release some negative energy’s that have been there a long time. I can’t explain it fully, but I felt so calm and refreshed for days after. To me, this type of healing and therapy is something one needs to try with an open mind, and know you’re in good hands with Cynthia.
– Catherine, Vogue Organics

Since attending my first Reiki class and attunement with you, my life has changed dramatically. I am living the Reiki principles daily, and am more at peace with myself than I ever have been. Learning with Cynthia was fun and informative. I came from Edmonton for all three levels just so I could learn from her – that says a lot about how much I enjoyed spending time with her!! Thanks, Cynthia for being a mentor, master and friend….Lesley

Oh, Cynthia-you know I’ve never been a big believer in “energy” stuff, but when the Doctor told me I had to get rid of some stress and tension in my back, I thought I’d just come for a massage. Then, when you asked if you could do Reiki, I thought “Well, why not?” I don’t know what you did or how you did it, but holy cow! My back feels wonderful, I’ve slept like a baby for the past four nights and a huge weight has lifted. I feel wonderful. Thank-you, thank-you! NC

I’ve always been sick and sore….and I want to say wow! Thank-you so much for your help in dealing with this body numbing pain I have all the time! My aches and pains from my fibromyalgia are so much better since I’ve been seeing you and I have way more energy. I’m sleeping so much better, so I’m not getting sick as much, either. This really helps with my pain. I appreciate everything you’ve helped me with, including the Self-healing guidance and meditations you’ve given to me – they’ve helped a great deal as well. Thanks again. CW

Oh, Cynthia I want to say thank you so much for everything over the winter and spring! I have not had one panic attack since I started Reiki sessions with you and my anxiety & stress levels have really leveled off with all the breathing and shielding exercises you taught me. I really enjoy coming to see you, your empathy and company are both amazing! Thanks again, Cynthia. LA

Hi Cynthia, I wanted to let you know that the Essential Oil Massages have really helped my back and shoulders. I always feel sooo good when I finish a massage with you. Thanks! CL …p.s. I love the Sea Salts I get when I come in, too!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you again. I feel like a million bucks. Love what you do, I think your services are a great asset in Lacombe. Have a great weekend. TD

I feel quite a lot calmer, I don’t feel that I have as many thoughts swirling around my head. I didn’t sleep that well on Tuesday night but slept ok on Wednesday night. I really enjoyed the Reiki session and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to relax and help their stress levels. I have felt my neck a bit sore but I have had this problem off and on for yrs, lots of tension in there, maybe I should get my neck and back massaged too. Thank you so much for helping me with this. I feel it will help with my anxiety as well. I will see you next Friday.

OK, OK, Cynthia…I know you told me about the emotional release and detoxing that could happen after a Reiki session, but I wasn’t sure that I really believed you. Well, I do now! It felt wonderful to release some garbage that I’d been holding onto for what seems like forever. The session was great, the colors and sensations were fantastic. I’d sure be interested in taking the Level 1 self healing for myself this winter. Love ya,

The Head Massage was great! I went home and relaxed in the tub with the bath salts you provided afterward. Results were the BEST SLEEP I’ve had in years! I also took your suggestion of leaving the oil in my hair overnight. Washed it in the morning and it is very soft. A great treatment for dry hair in Alberta. I would definetly recommend the Head Massage to my family and friends. VS

Reiki Class Testimonials


Reiki Level 3


I found Cynthia’s level III Reiki class very relaxed, comfortable and informative.  She drew upon her wealth of experience to help with the teachings, which I found very helpful.  She also introduced us to new modalities and showed us ways to use them to help enhance our own Reiki sessions.  We were fortunate to have been able to participate in helping facilitate in the healing of each other as students, and were very grateful for Cynthia’s gentle guidance to be able to do this to the benefit of each individual who received.  I highly recommend Cynthia as a teacher, as she was kind, perceptive and respectfully of all in her care.  Many Blessings. Heather Flinkaman
Reiki Master Teacher Level

I feel I was taught everything in this class that I need to go forward and be confident as a Reiki Teacher to pass attunements onto my future students.
It was a very smooth and comfortable class and Cynthia definitely has the best interests of her student at the heart of her class.
What was the most positive experience you had in this class?
Cynthia is very approachable and relaxed so, with me, her student, I found I also became very comfortable and relaxed. I was able to ask all the questions I wanted. Cynthia‘s very professional very good at what she does and I am so honored to of had her as my teacher. I feel the class was put together nicely and went by very quickly. The best part of this class was the connection I felt I made with my teacher and the deepening of my Reiki experience.  CD
Level III ~ Wow! My Reiki Master class was relaxing, invigorating and mind-blowing~my consciousness made a huge shift and instantly changed my vibrational level. I loved the peaceful feeling that enveloped me after the attunement! Being in Cynthia’s energy invigorated and calmed me at the same time. Thanks, Cynthia LB

Level II ~ Cynthia, thank you for assisting me how to be confident in my Reiki treatments. Your class was very enlightening and I enjoyed meeting and working with you. DH

Level II ~ Thank you for being such a wonderful person and being so open to others experiences, suggestions & ideas. I had a wonderful experience in your Level II class at Silver Cove, it was wonderful to meet other people, giving and receiving Reiki. It opens you up to a whole new world of experiences and awakenings. VC

Level II ~ Wow! Each class is so right for the people involved, based on the energy of the students’. My Reiki II attunement was life changing! I loved connecting with the “Source” and meeting my Reiki guides and learning with such a kind, caring and enigmatic teacher! Great energy! LB

Level I ~ Hi Cynthia!! First, thank you soooooo much for yesterday! I learned a lot, and the timing was perfect.
You see, my best friend had an accidental breeding with her Italian Greyhound, and she was due while my best friend was in BC – pre-planned months ago, and couldn’t reschedule as it was for the iron man competition for a friend of hers.

Anyway, this morning the dog (Rosie) went into labor. She had her first puppy quite easily, but the second one was taking it’s time. It was nearly an hour, so I cleansed the space and myself, grounded and centred, and then called on my guides, Rosie`s guides, and my best friend’s guides (with permission), did my Gassho and Reiji-Ho, and started to beam. I could feel the energy quite a bit in my hands, and had to pull a bit of unwanted/unneeded energy away, but after a while, my hands started to tingle from tips to base. The way I was sitting and the way Rosie was laying, my fingertips were to her abdomen, and my palms were at her rear. Anyway, while the energy was pulsating from tip to base, she had 2 contractions, and then POP!! Next puppy came out!!!

I thanked everyone, said a prayer, and then started to look after the next puppy.

I simply had to share this experience with you, because it felt like I had helped the next puppy come along when it was ready. I haven’t felt the need to perform Reiki on Rosie since that puppy, so my intuition says that the little girl needed the help. (Plus, she wouldn’t start eating for quite a while, which was a worry…)

This is so far an amazing experience, and the most eye-opening of my life!! I am truly starting to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to, and can actually help people and pets the way I’ve wanted to for so long. I could almost cry with happiness because I finally feel I have a purpose that is spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically fulfilling!! I have never felt that way in my life, and it’s all because of the Reiki energy and your teaching.

So thank you, Cynthia, my Reiki Sister, for opening me up to this life-changing experience!! Lesley

Level I ~ I am very interested in energy healing and have a few people who would love to have this work done on them, as well as myself. My experience in your class was powerful and very uplifting – it is something everyone should try! I loved the exchange of energy between myself and the other gals in the class. I am finding that doing my 21 day self cleanse really makes a positive difference in my day. Thank you!

Level II ~ Cynthia, your Reiki classes gave me the empowering tools I needed to help people, I think everyone should do Reiki, it’s just such a positive experience. I felt so “uplifted, enlightened and confident” after my Level II attunement. Thanks, the courses were perfect and I really enjoyed them.

Level I ~ I would describe the Reiki Level I class as knowledgeable, entertaining, relaxing and extremely interesting. Great karma and energy. The whole experience was awesome and fulfilling. The attunement was my absolute favorite!
Level II ~ My eagerness and wanting to learn more Reiki met and exceeded my expectations! It was fun, informative and exciting, there was nothing I would change, the class was perfect. I highly recommend Cynthia as a Reiki Master Teacher. Thank you, Cynthia

I had always been interested in taking was just something that always attracted me. The course was excellent and very enlightening. The opening of my chakras and the group that was here was great! I will definitely be looking forward to taking my level II…Loreen

Thank you so much for sharing your Reiki knowledge and spirit with me. I’m slowly working my was through my 21 day cleanse and it’s really making me pay attention to myself!

I had been interested in taking Reiki classes for a while and I will say that your Level I class was excellent! I really appreciated the one on one aspect that gave us the flexibility that ensured my learning needs were met and I love the hands on practise.

I have a friend who did Reiki on us while taking Reiki herself. My husband found it good and I wanted to learn how to do Reiki to help my family. I really enjoyed this class and found that seeing the lights and feeling the heat and energy during the attunement and treatment was really wonderful. Thank you.

This was one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. I felt very comfortable with the techniques and really enjoyed the day and the practice I’m getting with my self-healing. I was surprised, even though I’ve had Reiki treatments, that I am capable of this type of energy work. It is so wonderful and my family is very excited to be a part of it!


Akashic Record Soul Journey Testimonials

Thank you for the Soul reading and the extra time you spent with me at that time.  Your comments, insights, and continued encouragement and support are greatly appreciated.  You “walk the talk” and thus are a gifted individual from whom many will learn about love and light.
Love and Light, Barb Carson

Having an Akashic Reading done was amazing!
So many of my “why” questions were answered and even ones that I didn’t know I wanted to ask. This experience had a positive impact in my life and having Cynthia do this was the icing on the cake. She is amazing at what she does and if you are looking for explanations on situations you are confused on like the usual “why is this always happening to me” having this reading done will guide you to that answer.
I cannot say enough great things about Cynthia she is truly a special lady that is bringing some amazing things to my life.
The words “Thank you” just does not seem enough. Santana Mattice
I had an Akashic Reading from Cynthia and all I have to say is WOW! It left me feeling complete, is the only way I can explain it.                                     I finally had answers to questions that I had spent a long time looking for, I found out how many past lives I have had, I feel like I found my purpose. I had a lot of anger buried deep inside for a long time and I found out where it came from. I recommend Akashic reading and soul healing to everyone! Thank you Cynthia!  Jennifer Wilson


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