Warrior Goddess Sisterhood On Line Circles 

with Cynthia at Essential Energy Healing

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Warrior Goddess Sisterhood Circle

You'll Especially Love This Workshop

If You Feel Called To:


Find your voice and speak your truths

Stand in your power

Create healthier boundaries with others

Open to the fierce, radical, transformative love that is unique to the Dark Goddess

Release dormant, stored or blocked energy

Unlock deep primal wisdom and raw life force energy contained within the body

Uncover deeper truths within that will further you on the path to ‘know thyself’

Meet and embrace aspects of your shadow to remove the unwanted and reclaim what has been missing


Bring healing and light to the most shame-filled, denied or hidden aspects of woman


Clear, heal and bring light to the chakras, allowing more of your divine expression and true nature to come through


Step into radical acceptance of self; including the reclamation of lost, hidden or buried aspects of self.

Warrior Heart Workshop
A Mini Retreat to help you develop an intimate connection to the

Divine and your Authentic Self.

You will learn the basic cosmology of Toltec Wisdom, a group of spiritual practitioners who lived in Mexico.


You will experience The Warrior Heart Practice which is a revolutionary system based on the four chambered structure of the human heart.


We will be walking through each of the four chambers







Participants learn new ways  to take stock of their current emotional and mental state and reframe their situation in a

new healing light.

You will learn powerful methods for turning struggle into growth and gain a new perspective on life.  Don't miss out on the most potent tools that Cynthia will be sharing with women like you!