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The Warrior Heart Practice

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Release limiting beliefs and painful emotions through the 4 chambers of your heart — feeling, story, truth, and intent — to rearrange your ‘personal puzzle’ into soul-aligned wholeness.

Our next 7 week Virtual Retreat

TBA....comming in the fall.

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The 4 Chambers of Your Warrior Heart


The Feeling Chamber. Suffering is created when we get stuck in a repetitive cycle of emotions. Bringing healing to this chamber empowers you to be with your full range of emotions consciously — without judgment or trying to fix or change what you’re experiencing, even if it's painful or uncomfortable emotions.




The Story Chamber. Uncover powerful information on the noisy layers of your internal dialogue. By following the threads of old storylines — deeper into where hurtful words, hatred, and longing are hiding — you learn to stay curious, witnessing each story as it unfolds from past and present... so it won’t harm your future.




The Truth Chamber. Most people enter the Truth Chamber dragging their story with them like a familiar blanket they can’t let go of. In the Truth Chamber, you explore the difference between ultimate truth and subjective truth — and move toward the simplicity of what’s real in this moment.



The Intent Chamber. Without intent, you’re at the mercy of outside forces. Now that you’re armed with the truth, you can step into the Intent Chamber to get clear about what you really want in every situation you encounter.

You’ll learn to use the powerful lens of Toltec wisdom and your emotional body as a starting point...

Toltec means “artist of the spirit,” and the Toltec path is one of personal freedom — the freedom to choose how you want to create your inner and outer world — based on the power of your perceptions and intent.

Accessing this ancient tradition illuminates a clear path to releasing personal suffering and reclaiming your natural state of happiness...

Toltec practices leave you feeling more centered, confident, and grounded — because whatever arises, you’re dedicated to your inner truth, rather than an outdated story of who you are.

You’ll discover that your freedom comes from courageously facing your challenges as opportunities so you can clean out the false beliefs and old, heavy emotions you’ve become tangled in.

Join us and blend ancient Toltec wisdom and your modern sensibilities — as you transform this deep inner work into a wise plan of action for your life.

Module 1: Introduction — Foundations of the Warrior Heart Practice

In this opening week, you’ll discover the foundations of the Warrior Heart Practice — and exactly how you’ll apply it to your daily life, bringing more clarity, creativity, and courage to your messy or challenging situations. 

You’ll discover how it takes both the courage of a warrior and the vulnerability of an open heart to step into each of the “rooms” of your heart and witness all of yourself.

This week, you’ll get clear on:

  • What it truly means to be a warrior of the heart

  • The power of unconditional (vs. conditional) living and loving

  • Your map of inner healing — your big soul and your little soul

  • What a “tangled story” really is, and how it’s causing you pain in your emotions, health, and relationships

  • The process of getting to truth — 4 steps to release your story, suffering, and fear

  • An overview of HeatherAsh’s powerful method, "The Four Chambers"

  • A powerful closing sequence that includes a 10-minute visualization, 10-minute trio sharing circle/writing exercise, 20-minute Q&A, and an optional final share of action steps for the week

Module 2: The Feeling Chamber                                                           

This week, you’ll enter into the Warrior Heart practice by learning to gently sit with emotional triggers, fears, or pain that arises within you...

As you’ll discover, these reactions are often completely separate from the story you believe is causing the emotion. 

In the Feeling Chamber, you learn to be present with discomfort and become curious about what is actually happening in your physical and emotional body rather than just thinking about the upset, trying to repress emotions, or cycling stories endlessly. 

In the Feeling Chamber, the goal is not to fix, understand, or explain emotions but to simply be with them consciously.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to put down the weight of your past to reclaim your present

  • How to courageously face your emotions — and free up energy and joy

  • The art of moving beyond repressing, cycling, or exiting your emotions

  • How to separate out the feeling from your story — and why this is absolutely critical

  • How to explain YOUR feelings, describe your Feeling Chamber, and what it means to exit your feelings

  • The power of discussing your relationship with feelings — before and after your Warrior Heart practice

  • Five healing ways to be with your emotions

  • A powerful closing visualization to help you embody a feeling for the week

Module 3: The Story Chamber                                                               

This week you’ll discover the all-important Story Chamber.

It’s a deep dive into where you got your stories from — and how you can quickly clear out many of your stories by realizing which ones aren't yours, which stories you are responsible for... and how to clean those stories up.

You will be guided you to investigate and explore:

  • The reasons why everyone tells themselves stories

  • How your stories become tangled together

  • How to begin the process of being more honest with yourself about your stories

  • The details of your stories from key parts of your life: what HeatherAsh calls your domestication, your culture, from the dream that you’re in that may have gotten tangled up

  • Elements you’ve always assumed are part of your story — but actually aren’t (you might be surprised!)

  • An awareness practice that HeatherAsh calls stalking yourself — witnessing your thoughts, energy, emotions, and physical body without judgment — to set you up for the week

Module 4: The Truth Chamber                                                              

Last week’s Story Chamber gave you new information on the multifaceted, noisy layers of your internal dialogue…

This week, the Truth Chamber will open up space for stillness. 

You’ll focus on crossing a threshold between Story and Truth, where you must leave behind being right, being wrong, being understood, or any other desire….

In this session, you’ll explore:

  • Why most people enter the Truth Chamber dragging their story with them like a familiar blanket

  • How to name the truth — and identify how it feels as the truth lands in YOUR body

  • The real definition of what truth is and how it’s different from story

  • The difference between ultimate truth and subjective truth

  • The beauty of the Truth Chamber in all its simplicity 

  • How to move toward what is real in THIS moment

  • A powerful practice to sit in stillness to prepare yourself for the week ahead

Module 5: The Intent Chamber                                                              

Last week’s study of the Truth Chamber opened up space for you to step into the Intent Chamber…

This week, you’ll discover how the Intent Chamber helps you get clear on what you truly want in any given situation.

Your intent is reflected in your focus and commitment — without it, you’re at the mercy of outside forces, even when you're clear about the truth.

This week, you’ll discover why having clarity about your truth is like patching the holes in your sails after they've been torn in the storm of a story; your intent is your steady hand on the ropes, allowing you to catch the wind and consciously navigate where you want to go.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Get clear on YOUR inner intent — and exactly how it guides the actions you haven’t taken yet

  • Link your intent with your desire — and explore what you want to put your energy into

  • Tap into the larger force of how intent works within the Universe

  • Meld your personal intent with Universal intent

  • Go back through ALL the chambers and apply them to your life, now that you’ve studied each one

  • Engage in a ritual that keeps you connected to the truth and your intent

Module 6: The Art of Stalking Yourself                                                 

This week, I will walk you through the practice of stalking yourself — and connecting it to the Toltec practice of self-intimacy.

To help you get to know yourself, HeatherAsh will give you a number of tools around how to break habits and patterns in your life in a playful way. She'll show you how to witness yourself, your feelings, your story, and your reactions so that you can transform them as a warrior rather than being buried by them.

As you first started exploring back in Week Three, stalking is an awareness practice of witnessing your thoughts, energy, emotions, and physical body — without judgment, comparison, repulsion, or fear. 

And when you stalk yourself, you cultivate the qualities of a hunter: perseverance, patience, and presence. 

This week, you will guided to:

  • Discover that, once you set your intent in the Warrior Heart practice, you must stalk how you will bring it into your day

  • Patiently, actively, and openly watch where you’re able to stay in line with your intent — and where you get knocked out of it

  • Name where you can hold your intent and where you struggle — so you can creatively support yourself as you take new actions based on your intent

  • Create solid, small, doable steps for yourself

  • Build your own moral code — 3 (or more) agreements you commit to following in your own life

  • Deeply understand the 7 new agreements of your Warrior Heart

  • Come from a place of love and non-judgment when working with yourself and others

 Module 7: Integrating Your New Practice With Cynthia                      

Sometimes absorbing the perspective of somebody else who’s also working through these practices can help inspire and catalyze change within YOU...

You will be lead you through some powerful questions and experiential exercises to help examine your life and story with fresh eyes.

In this session, you’ll review your story, truth, and intent as you discover:

  • How to play and find humor in your story

  • Ways to creatively bring more intent to your story

  • Whether you’re still quietly wishing someone in your life would change — and how you can let go of this limiting belief

  • A more empowering and healing way to look at your story

  • How your choice of intent affects your perception of your story

  • How the tone of your emotional body feels when you step back into your Feeling Chamber

  • Powerful practices to illuminate your journey — including Integrating the Chambers and a Journaling Freewrite exercise

Payment Options offered on a sliding scale

from $129.00cad - $179.00cad

What's Included:

7 - 2 hour LIVE gatherings (14 hours total)
Lifetime Access to recorded video gatherings
Self Reflection Worksheets and Handouts (Digital)
Private FB Support Group
Meditation downloads and Playlists

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