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What if you could …

Eliminate panic and anxiety?
Reduce and eliminate depression?
Let go of the effects of past trauma?
Face your Fears and Shadows?

Be present in each moment and enjoy your life again?
Find peace, happiness, and joy?
Create passion in your daily life?
Reclaim your personal power?
Realize your true purpose?


If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, ready for change, then let’s chat!

I help women who don’t feel that they don’t belong.  

They don’t feel good enough, not worthy of love, women who feel judged, who have a deep fear of connecting.
What I’ve found is that they’re craving to belong & to connect to something different than what they know.
In order to support them and connect into that, I facilitate Goddess Healing & Sharing Circles, Reiki Healing, Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing and Reiki Classes where women feel loved, appreciated, accepted, connected and safe.
How many of you feel that you’re not good enough? 
Not worthy?  
Feel judged?  
The truth is, that we judge ourselves!
Through my 9 month Warrior Goddess Sisterhood Circle, I help those women who are ready for change feel what it’s like to be accepted, to be loved, to be understood, to be safe, and what it’s like to be a part of community of understanding, support and appreciation for one another.
I too, felt all my life I didn’t belong, that I wasn’t every good enough, felt judged and disconnected.
Here’s how I started my path and found Reiki Healing over 15 years ago – I was so oblivious and unaware that I actually fell off my deck while we were out camping. Yup, 4 feet down, I hit hard and Reiki fell into my lap at that moment.
That was my awakening, how I go connected, how I got re-introduced to ME.
How many of you feel like you’ve hit the wall or have been hit with the proverbial 4x4 and you couldn’t ignore what was happening any longer?  Those are lessons that smack us into awakening.

Reiki Sessions,  Reiki Classes, A Goddess Interactive Workshop, New Moon Goddess Gatherings or 1 on 1 Guidance may be that path you have been longing to travel.

Come, let you fire be ignited, where you will dig deep, laugh, cry and experience the sensations that weave together the stories we women are made from.


Even though your Soul guides you in this journey, you also have  free will and can choose to ignore your guidance and walk another path, but your Soul will always try to steer you back onto your path and will speak to you through intuitive messages, signs, and synchronicities.

When you continue to ignore these messages and signs, when you fail to pay attention to these nudges, you may then receive the “proverbial 4×4”, which can come  in the form of set-backs, disappointments, accidents and illness.  
The reason why I do what I do is that I come from a place of transition myself… high anxiety, anger, and  Auto-Immune di-eases (Lupus and Severe Food, Chemical and Environmental Allergies).

I learned that you had to work hard for everything, that life was a struggle and that you had to earn your worth at every turn.

But that is not Truth!

Life does not have to be a daily struggle and through balancing the mind, body and soul with self-healing, self-care and knowledge you can stand in your power!

My goal is to support you in your healing journey on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I would be honored to support you in making your vision of living more consciously and in alignment to your Higher Self, it is my wish that you may experience spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing of self and lead more joyful, fulfilling lives!

I am called to support women who are ready to discover that they are enough, to release the layers of expectations, to become the authentic, perceptive, perfect woman you really are.

As you discover greater self- awareness, a deeper spiritual connection, emotional healing, authentic creative expression and live a meaningful and passionate life as you age with grace, wisdom and vibrancy you will be living the Goddess Way!

My practice is grounded in the pursuit of balance between mind, body, and soul, as I
fully believe in the power of self-healing.

I work with women who are ready to commit to doing the sometimes difficult, always rewarding work of creating the life they desire. Whether it’s navigating transition (divorce; career change; getting older); personal development (including emotional, mental,and spiritual growth); and stress management.

I will whole heartedly walk with you every step of the way
​until you have achieved that which you desire.

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I would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions at all, please give me a call or email me!  



Cynthia Sebry





​Red Deer, AB


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