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I'm excited and honoured to let you know I'll be back to offering in person sessions in 2023

My booking times are limited and if you're looking for something outside these times, please contact me

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At Essential Energy Healing, it is my objective to bring your energy fields back into balance and harmony using the holistic approach of using REIKI, Shamanic Healic, aromatherapy, crystals and sound vibration to support you in reaching your optimal health.


My goal is to support you in your healing journey on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I provide for you a safe place, where you will feel relaxed in a peaceful environment, free of judgment and criticism, where your healing of the mind, body and spirit can take place.


A client who is experiencing physical pain or illness may want to consider  Reiki for both its physical and spiritual healing properties.   Reiki is an excellent form of spiritual healing that can be used by anyone and everyone to enrich their body, soul and mind!

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Who Can Benefit from Access Bars® Therapy?

  • People who feel exhausted all day long cannot sleep at night because their minds are overwhelmed with thoughts.

  • People who are constantly adrenaline-high or dog-tired but cannot seem to relax.

  • People who’ve tried yoga, journaling, meditation etc., but still can’t clear their minds.

  • People who’ve been attempting all wellness practices they could find but can’t seem to enjoy long-term results.

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