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What is Reiki and how can it help me?

Here at Essential Energy Healing, it is my objective to bring your energy fields back into balance and harmony using the holistic approach of using REIKI, aromatherapy, crystals and sound vibration to support you in reaching your optimal health.


My goal is to support you in your healing journey on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I provide for you a safe place, where you will feel relaxed in a peaceful environment, free of judgment and criticism, where your healing of the mind, body and spirit can take place.


A client who is experiencing physical pain or illness may want to consider  Reiki for both its physical and spiritual healing properties.   Reiki is an excellent form of spiritual healing that can be used by anyone and everyone to enrich their body, soul and mind!



Every day I come across women just like you who want to feel more alive and energetic, women who have been told by the medical community to “find your way”, because they can’t help them with chronic pain issues or put them on prescription medication to control stress and anxiety.


And every day the same women tell me about how they are fried and frazzled and burnt out and living in the life of  pain, stress, anxiety or exhaustion.   They tell me they are struggling to find the time, energy, and vibrancy, to live the life they want to live.


I hear how your bodies, minds and souls suffer from not enough rest and too much input. Here at Essential Energy Healing, I know that STRESS is the number one underlying cause of most illnesses.  It shows up as headaches, problems sleeping, digestive problems, over eating, under eating, irritability, disruption in our menstrual cycle, problems in our relationships and on and on and on.


Reiki is an evolving, ecstatic art inviting us to work in increasingly dynamic ways with universal life force energy. 

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known condition and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


Benefits of Reiki Training:

  • Calmer mind

  • Learn to soothe your own anxiety

  • Protection, balance and management of your energy

  • Enhanced intuition

  • Improved manifestation abilities

  • Connection to universal/source energy

  • Support your body’s natural ability to heal itself

  • Improved meditation abilities

  • Alignment with your life purpose

  • Improved immune system

  • Creativity, confidence and joy

Cynthia is a 17 year Reiki Master Teaching in Central Alberta and Globally,  a passionate educator and founder of Essential Energy Healing has had a profound impact on women across the globe. 

Known for her unique workshops on spiritual growth, reclamation of the divine feminine, heart centered cocao gathering, sound healing, shadow work and shamanism and the awakening path that is unique to women, being guided to create an exciting collection of courses and individual healing, both in-person and online.

Cynthia has created and developed remarkably effective transformational practices that address awakening and embodiment on all levels.

Cynthia brings 17 years of teaching, workshop creation, facilitating and coaching experience to her work. She has studied, practiced and taught leadership through the her Reiki Trainings (Usui Master Teacher and Karuna Master Teacher), Warrior Goddess Sisterhood, Reiki Classes, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, shadow work, the chakra system and mind-body connection.

Her audiences connect with her authentic down-to-earth approach and often experience remarkable awakenings, transformations and healings.

As you evolve into deeper levels of consciousness you recognize that the ability to heal yourselfand others is an inherent and Divine gift within you.
Being a healer is your birthright.


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